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Coworking spaces offer benefits for freelancers and self-employed professionals

5 Reasons Why Coworking May Be Right for You

Coworking — or sharing a working environment — has redefined the way people work. It has turned into a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and start-ups because it promotes social relations and boosts creativity. Emerging...
Plan ahead to keep working through a home-office power outage

How to Keep Working Through a Power Outage

We are living in a digital age. Whether it’s for two hours or two days, a power outage will send your productivity into a nosedive. While the occasional “snow day” may seem like a welcome break, most...
Manage interruptions when working from home

How to Manage Interruptions When Working From Home

Interruptions reduce your productivity when you work from home. Friends and family might not observe your wish to be left in peace so you can work. They imagine that not having a boss watching...
Networking tips for introverts

Networking for Introverts: 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Schmoozing Skills

Networking is a fact of life for most successful self-employed professionals. When you're a lone operator or the leader of a small start-up company, the connections you make with like-minded business people can be...
Saving money in your home office

Tight Budget? 12 Money-Saving Tips for Your Home Office

When you run your own home-based business, you need to make every penny count. Few freelancers or home-based businesses have unlimited funds to work with, and every extra dollar you spend on office supplies...
Houseplants for low-light work-live spaces

Brighten Up Your Live-Work Space: 5 Hardy Plants for Low Light

Houseplants enhance home-office and living spaces and give rooms a warmer, more welcoming look. Urban dwellers in small spaces also find that plants are an attractive way to define working and living zones. Aesthetics...
Defeat work distractions with 4 simple techniques

Conquer Work Distractions with 4 Simple Techniques

It's tough to be productive if you're constantly distracted. The proliferation of devices, apps and messaging services has created a seemingly endless source of potential distractions. For many remote workers, digital distractions have caused...
A virtual assistant can help you to manage your time better

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

Life is hectic for busy freelancers. Managing your work, business, personal life and family responsibilities can get overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to have extra help from time to time? You could hire an...
How to save energy in your home office by UrbnPro

How to Save Energy in Your Home Office

Working at home comes with a number of cost benefits including reduced commuting, clothes and meal expenses. However, running a home office can also drive up home energy bills. The following simple yet effective...
Managing stress when you work from home, tips from UrbnPro

Coping with Work-Related Stress When Your Home Is Your Office

Managing stress can be a challenge when you work from home. The freedom from the constraints of working in a traditional office comes at a high price: Your living space ceases to be a...
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