Out of Sight, Out of Mind: How to Stay Visible When You Work Remotely

One of the top fears for remote workers is that being out of the office will hobble their professional growth within their company. They believe that once removed from the day-to-day developments that take place at the office, or if not physically on location with the higher-ups, they’ll miss out on promotions and other career opportunities. The following tips will help you to stay on your management’s radar (in a good way).

Frequent communication is the key to staying visible and connected to your peers and company leadership. Provide them with proactive updates on project progress. The key is to keep it brief (think bullet points) and consider relevancy and frequency before sending updates. Don’t send it to everyone on your team and/or the management team — just copy those who are involved with the project and who can benefit from the information. Also ensure that the frequency is appropriate for the recipients. Be respectful of their time and schedules. Everyone is busy, and no one wants to read yet another email that doesn’t pertain to their work. Send updates only when there is something to report.

Contribute thoughtful comments to team collaboration discussions. But don’t share just to share (aside from the occasional words of encouragement), make sure that you have useful information to contribute that moves the project along or that is helpful to someone on your team.

Make your voice heard by speaking up during meetings and conference calls and contributing your thoughts and ideas. Here again, make sure that you have something useful to add on the topic at hand, don’t interject just for the sake of letting people know that that you’re on the line. You’ll end up wasting people’s time or causing the meeting to veer off course.

Take advantage of those times when you are in the office or at company functions to build positive relationships with department leaders across your company, as well as your peers in other departments.

Make a friend. To stay connected with colleagues at the office, take a tip from the buddy system. Find one person that you connect well with on a personal level. Reach out to that person regularly to keep on top of news, policies, staff changes—everything that is happening back at the office.