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Lapdesks can be featured workstations for home workers.

5 Incredibly Useful Lapdesks for Home Workers

Today’s lapdesks provide much more than heat protection. They're also useful tools for expanding your home workspace options. I've spent some of my most productive hours working from the couch on a lapdesk. After all, remote...
Remote team communication problems and fixes by UrbnPro

Remote Communication: How to Deal with a Difficult Teammate

Effective team communication is vital for remote workers. When you lead a remote team, you rely on each member to be responsible, productive and self-motivated to perform their tasks on time and to the best...
A Power Nap Can Improve Your Late-day Focus by UrbnPro

Improve Your Late-day Focus with a Power Nap

If you regularly feel sluggish and unfocused while working, you’re not alone. A survey by Accountemps found that 86% of professionals between the ages of 18 and 34, and 71% of those between 35...
Manage Your Time Better by Declining Demands from Others by UrbnPro

Manage Your Time Better with Just One Word

Learning how to manage your time effectively is one of the most valuable skills for remote workers. But there is a strange phenomenon that takes place when you make the transition from working in an...
Want to work remotely? Convince your manager with a solid pitch.

Ideas to Power Your Pitch to Work from Home

The number of U.S. workers who work remotely in some capacity continues to rise. Gallup’s latest State of the American Workplace report found that not only did the number of employees working remotely increase by...
Tips for selecting a home-office printer

5 Things to Look for When Buying a Printer for Your Home Office

Whether you’re a telecommuter, freelancer or just starting a brand-new home-based business, having a reliable printer is essential to your productivity. Whether you’re choosing your first printer for a new home office or replacing...
Handwritten notes have advantages over digital note-taking.

Going Old School: The Benefits of Paper Notebooks

Recent research shows the benefits of handwritten notes over digital methods. Don’t get me wrong: I love my mobile devices. I would be lost without my synced calendars and task management software. Yet when...
Saving Receipts for Self-Employed

Self-Employed Pros: Organize Receipts to Save Tax Season Stress

Tax filing season has officially started. When it comes to your taxes, it’s a good idea to file sooner rather than later. Filing early will help you to avoid becoming a victim of income...
Freelance career appeals to growing number of U.S. workers

The Gig Economy: Appeal of Better Work-Life Balance Points to Growth of Freelance Workers

One of the great benefits of having a freelance career is the freedom to take control of your time to better balance your work and personal lives. That’s not to say that always happens. Self-employed...
Set expectations for checking email and responding

The Right to Disconnect in a Connected World

Who would have thought that one day the government would see the need to intervene between companies and employees when it comes to texting and email practices? It happened in France. On January 1st,...
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