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Remote working is the future of work

The future of work is here! Advancements in communication and collaboration technologies and evolving corporate structures are driving more businesses to adopt remote and flexible work environments. It is a welcome change for many urban professionals who are embracing the benefits of remote work.

Making the transition from the traditional office environment to work-from-home or work-from-anywhere requires a shift in mindset that isn’t always easy to achieve. The freedom to perform your work how and when you wish is rooted in dependability and productivity. Those who succeed tend to approach the workday like self-motivated entrepreneurs. They have a plan and a schedule, and they stick to it.

But being a remote worker presents unique challenges for city dwellers. The most obvious issue (and the source of many related difficulties) is the lack of space. Unlike working from home in a suburban or rural location, many urbanites don’t have an extra room or an area that can be conveniently converted into a dedicated home office. In some cases, a tiny studio functions as one’s working, living, sleeping and dining room, with a noisy cafe serving as a substitute workplace. When you’re crunched for space, it can be hard to stay focused and productive during the workday, and equally difficult to switch off when you’re done.

Still, those of us who prefer an urban lifestyle tend to value “place over space.” We gravitate to cities for the professional opportunities, energy, convenience, culture, diversity, entertainment — or all of the above. At UrbnPro, we understand and are dedicated to that ideal. We believe that “crowded” is just a frame of mind.

Whether you work remotely full time, a few days a week, on occasion or are wondering how to get started, this blog was created for you. Our mission is to provide useful resources and recommendations to help you be more effective — and successful — as a remote-working urban professional. Check back often for tips and practical advice on productivity, maintaining your focus, alternative workspaces, staying connected, self-motivation, workspace organization, tools and technology, space-saving ideas and time-management techniques. Or sign up to get UrbnPro posts delivered directly to your inbox.

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